Hello there, my name is John (Stardust) Dominguez.
I started playing league in season 4 and I'm fine with any role to boost (not support tho) but I prefer playing Top or Jungle to make boosts faster.
I'm currently ranked Diamond 1 in EUW and I got to masters not long ago on EUNE.
I can boost EUW, EUNE & TR with a nice ping but I can also take low boosts till plat in NA.
I'm up for solo/duo/3v3/flex boosts, I can also do coaching for specific roles and champs.
My most played champs this season are Yasuo and Fiora but my champion pool is really wide so I have no problem with the 'specific champion' boosts.

I'm looking forward to meet ya'll ^^.

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If you want John to be your booster, type 819 when you choose the booster for your order

John's Reviews:

Very fast boost and a nice person!

super friendly and a serious booster.
a fast booster as well
will pick you again ^^

well played

Thanks for your great games. Best choice to pick you again :).

Quick and easy. He hard carried both games