Ole Marius

Hello, my name is Ole and I have been a booster here for almost a year now. I started playing Rocket League in the late beta and I mainly play on keyboard and mouse. My highest rank so far has been Grand Champion and top #2 in the world in a playlist. Been playing with and vs pros since season 3. I have had five of my own accounts in grand champion so far.

Every boost is a piece of cake and I can easily win every game on the boosts I choose.

The best booster in the world

- Ole

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If you want Ole Marius to be your booster, type 697 when you choose the booster for your order

Ole Marius's Reviews:

I payed and he texted me in 10 ish minutes -asked for my details and started boosting - one hour later i got my desired rank. Would recommend to anyone

:) Really good player, talked in discord :)

quick work, much appreciated