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Hello! My name is Sasha, I have a strong passion for overwatch. I peaked at 4402 during season 5 playing tracer and genji. As of recently I have been exploring new roles and am having fun playing the game. I typically do not enjoy doing duo q boosts but love to solo q. I try my best to make everyone happy! Currently I am sitting at 4200. Like I said before I have a passion for overwatch and some could say I am addicted to this game! I am always striving to get better and look to improve my play style.
Thank you for reading!

Boosts in: Overwatch

If you want Sasha to be your booster, type 6943 when you choose the booster for your order

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Overwatch Rank Boosting
AJ boosted by Sasha from 2512 to 2750

Very fast!

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