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Hello! My name is Lavante and I have been playing league of legends for a little under 3 years now! I am currently a Mid diamond tier player capable of solo/duoQ boosting, power leveling, and mastery tokens! In my 3 years of playing LoL, I've never been once banned, chat restricted etc. and will ensure you that same treatment playing for you. I have experience boosting multiple accounts and people to platinum while keeping kda's and winrates positive. I am normally active at all times of the day, and will do my best to make sure you leave satisfied with your requests, and complete them as fast as I possibly can.

Boosts in: League of Legends

If you want Lavante to be your booster, type 6861 when you choose the booster for your order

Lavante's Reviews:

Champion Mastery
Arjun boosted by Lavante from level 4 to level 7

Really fast and efficient great guy I loved Getting my Kayn from mast 4 - 7 by him

Elo Division Boost
A Happy Customer lol XD boosted by Lavante from Bronze 4 to Silver 5

Wow talk about professional dedicated and nice...so impressed I will be coming back for coaching and more just for Lavante. Amazing player cant wait to continue my relationship with them. If your in need of a fast dedicated booster look no further! GG!

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