Hi, I'm one of the best hearthstone ladder player with 6 top 1 legend(just top 1, not finish FeelsBadMan), so yeah probably I will be able to finish your order as fast as possible. It's highly possible that I will achieve top 1 on first day. 4 to legend is 6 hours on average, but depends on your collection obviously. My favorite boost decks are odd paladin, even warlock, and deathrattle hunter. I also can easily boost any arena wins, had 12 0 many many times. English is not my first language but I speak it kinda free so can perform coaching as well

Boosts in: Dota 2, Hearthstone
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If you want Danila to be your booster, type 6743 when you choose the booster for your order

Danila's Reviews:

perfect booster amazing plays!

Nice guy! Faster than lightning :D ++++++

Rank 3 to legend in about 5 hours. Was done 2 days before Season ending. Well done, Danila :)

really good booster

Danila is an excellent booster. For my order, I have a previous booster who took 4 days result in the same rank and lost one star (4-legend). Then I had a chat with the support team and got Danila as new booster, who had boost my account before. I know Danila is good but I didnt expect the order to be completed in 4 hours. Very efficient. This is the boosting service, when you spend money on the service, you dont want to wait for ages to get there.