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Hello, my name is Johannes and i am 21 years old from sweden! I am currently a destiny 2 booster and i go by the name "aero" i am currently rank 5 in the world and play in a TOP eu team. I have been doing boosts in trials of the nine since the release of it so If you want a fast and reliable PVP booster in trials or any PVP area in destiny, I am your guy!
I also do all the PVE content destiny has to offer aswell ofc :)
service and communication is my top priority for all my clients!

Boosts in: Destiny 2

If you want Johannes to be your booster, type 6540 when you choose the booster for your order

Johannes's Reviews:

Destiny 2 Boosting
Markus Bought Iron Banner Token Farming , boosted by Johannes

Fast, amazing booster

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