Hello,my name is Dmitriy and im a dota player.I play this game since 2012 and for this time improve my mmr from 4000 to 7400+.I rly liked to play moba games.I think dota is best moba game right now.My currently mmr is 6,950+ (top 70+) i like to play this game).I am from Ukraine 20 y.o. Have a lot of time for boost so just order and i do it so fast how i can.Be positive and never be toxic thats my credo

Prefer to play at 1/3 pos tier 4 pro player )

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If you want Dima to be your booster, type 6474 when you choose the booster for your order

Dima's Reviews:

Exceptional player !!!!
32 games win for 5 loose. Beautiful
Fast, effective ! Pro Luna =)

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Really perfect! Fast, serious, very good player.
I recommend DIMA ++++