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José María

Hello, im a boosting since s6. I am twitch/shaco main but i also love adc role.
Im very active, about 6-12 hours every day. Love boosting.
My peak is diamond 1 90 lps on euw server. I have a nice champion pool that i can use to boost or playing but when i must focus i usually abuse twitch as jungler or trist/vayne adc.
Im also able to coach jungler and adc role, i dont usually do but if its needed i can.
Normally, i try to do duo with other boosters and do the orders faster, but my champion pool allows me to play alone if its needed aswell.

Boosts in: League of Legends

If you want José María to be your booster, type 6201 when you choose the booster for your order

José María 's Reviews:

Elo Division Boost
Daniel boosted by José María from Silver 3 to Silver 2

good player

Elo Duoqueue Games
daniel boosted by José María for 2 Games at Bronze 3

good adc also a nice person

Elo Division Boost
lol player boosted by José María from Silver 2 to Gold 5

Boosted by José María, really good player and also very nice person! Highly reccomended!

Elo Division Boost
Sylvain boosted by José María from Silver 2 to Gold 5

The job has been well done ! José is a very nice guy and 100% win, would recommend !

Elo Division Boost
Adri boosted by José María from Silver 1 to Gold 5

A very good booster, very friendly and an excellent level!

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