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Very competitive rainbow six siege player love playing because it's like a complex game of chess so getting paid to help boost you is awesome for me. Keep it professional keep it real don't overthink it and you'll win every time. I also enjoy playing destiny 2 every now in then casually now however. Was a big player back in the day during the first one was ranked 17th in the world at one point faced #1 in the world at the time and beat him so there is some nostalgia in it for me, although i must say siege is my specialty.

Boosts in: Rainbow Six Siege, Destiny 2

If you want Austin to be your booster, type 6128 when you choose the booster for your order

Austin's Reviews:

Rainbow Six Siege Rank Boosting
Brendan boosted by Austin from Gold III to Platinum II

Austin was the best booster ive ever had. Such a cool guy and super easy to communicate with. Let me know every little thing he changed in settings, tips to improve my own performance, and letting me know when hes logging on and off. Id recommend Austin to anyone that plays siege. Truly an incredible player.

Rainbow Six Siege Match Placements
Peter boosted by Austin for 10 matches Games on XBox 1

Amazing, got me plat 3 on placement matches

Rainbow Six Siege Net Wins
Joeh boosted by Austin for 9 Wins at Platinum

Excellent booster! Very reliable and fast!

Rainbow Six Siege Net Wins
Joe boosted by Austin for 1 Wins at Platinum

Great and fast service. Very skilful. Finishes very fast!

Rainbow Six Siege Net Wins
Joe boosted by Austin for 3 Wins at Platinum

Another succesfull boost. Fast and reliable!

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