Boosting for about 1 year now with 100% success rate and 100% positive feedbacks from all customers. Have boosted on both EU and NA (even with 140ms ping). Second to boosting experience, I have competitive experience trough EU HGC Open Division top spots and a lot of local and regional LAN tournaments won. Coaching might be one of the best services I can provide because of time I've put into researching every single meta. Also I can do some psychology coaching for Hero League since that is sometimes the only problem people can't improve or progress.

I am also one of the highest rated battlerite players, making it possible to finish your boost in no time at all :)

Boosts in: Heroes Of The Storm, Battlerite
Orders Completed: 72
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Rating: 5/5 (39 reviews)

If you want Jovan to be your booster, type 5621 when you choose the booster for your order

Jovan's Reviews:

Amazing boost! Fast and efficient

Jovan top Booster! 10/10 even in high Tier Elo.

Very fast, thanks

Very good :)

Job was well done and i had a great communication with the booster. :)