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My name is Mounir and welcome to my booster page. I am an European overwatch player rated at 4110 and have hit 4370 multiple times. I have an uncontrollable love for this game since season 1 when i hit 55 and had a crave to improve and become the best. I do solo boosts mainly however i love to spread my passion and attitude to the customer if they decide they want a duo boost.

I normally climb to diamond rank within a day if it is around 800 sr. If higher it may take longer not due to loses but need time to eat or sleep. Climbing to masters from diamond normally takes a couple hours to a day depending on when the boost is accepted due to eu servers becoming toxic around midnight resulting in more loses.

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If you want Mounir to be your booster, type 5579 when you choose the booster for your order

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