Hi my name is Vlad and i'm 18 years old. I come from Belarus. ve been doing Dota boosts for a really long time, my main account is almost always in top 500-600 EU ladder.
Now my main account is 6600 mmr.
I can boost to 6000.
I play 24/7 and can do + 150-250 mmr every day.I am always willing to help with advice and can tell you how to maintain the MMR you got by choosing me as your booster.
Make sure to follow the account setup guide so that I can start immediately.
I will wait for your orders !

Boosts in: Dota 2
Orders Completed: 91
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Last Active: 7 hours ago
Rating: 5/5 (51 reviews)

If you want Vlad to be your booster, type 5572 when you choose the booster for your order

Vlad's Reviews:

He's the best!!
Finished my boost so f*cking fast, and stomped every single game...

I totally recommend him!

Best clinkz EU

Very nice person 10/10

all good!

Very nice guy, english isn't that bad very helpful.