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================================| BOOSTING |=====================================

Some facts about me:
Challenger - playing since season 2 and boosting for almost 2 years
Im really effective and fast. I usually finish orders before the date set on the site.
Im cooperative, so if you want me to stop playing becouse you want to play normals - no problem. Same if you want me to play a certain role or champion. All for you :D
Answering any of your questions, you can ask me anything i like to talk with customers ^^
I'd love to be choosed as your booster, you wont be disappointed :D (Plat 3+ accounts preferable)
Please dont choose me for duoq boost if i dont have a soloq order
Please dont choose me for flex queue boost

=================================| COACHING |====================================

I can also do coaching. Most of the time the base is a replay of one of your games and from that point we go whenever you want or just to make the lesson as effective as possible. It

Boosts in: League of Legends

If you want Tim to be your booster, type 4995 when you choose the booster for your order

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