Hello! My name is Valentin and I'm from Bulgaria! I'm ready to help You out to reach the desired rank in Rainbow Six Siege! I'm online most of the time and If I have an order I will be sure to finish it as fast as possible so You can be happy! I'm playing since September 2016 and I've got quite good expirience with the game mechanics and I know what to do. When I'm playing,I'm playing with my team so we help each other and communicate and make sure everything is alright! My best rank was Platinum II (Last season)! I speak English and Bulgarian. I can perform any kind of boost in Rainbow Six Siege. If You do pick me to boost Your account,I will make sure I do it as fast as possible,Try not to waste Your patient,Try not to Buy Alpha Packs or any skins,Try not to waste Your Renown in general.(I may buy the attachments I prefer to play with,I hope it's not a big issue.) I would be very happy if You do pick me :).Have a great day!

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If you want Valentin to be your booster, type 4987 when you choose the booster for your order