Hello my name is Ivan, i'm playing league of legends since season 1. I have been challenger all seasons, and played in a lot of teams.
I will boost you fast, without talking in chat, and clean.
I can also duoQ with you if u are below diamond, and can boost your account with only 1 champ.
I will be talkin to you while i'm in your account so you can check how is it going.
I will type here the time that i take to boost

Medium boost (PLATINUM)
Long boost (DIAMOND-MASTER this can take 1 week - 14 days)

I hope you chose me :)

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If you want Ivan to be your booster, type 4904 when you choose the booster for your order

Ivan's Reviews:

great friendly guy , fast and clean

great job , fast and clean , raised my MMR really good

good guy

very good player
he never gave up :)

the best <3