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Hello,my name is Eslam.
I have been playing League Of Legends for 4 years now,and I achieved a lot through my entire career either individually or as a team member.
I decided to start boosting/coaching,I'm a fast/reliable/high quality booster.
I can ensure you the maximum security of your account and identity because I use a very premium VPN of the country/state of your choice to just look like the original owner playing.
Definitely I'm the booster/coach you would look for to get the rank of your dreams,whenever you want me to handle your order please put my number and I'll be more than happy to help you.
I can boost up till Master League in NA/EU/RU/TR/LAS/LAN.

Boosts in: League of Legends

If you want Eslam to be your booster, type 4874 when you choose the booster for your order

Eslam's Reviews:

Elo Duoqueue Games
Joe boosted by Eslam for 2 Games at Diamond 4

Eslam carried the games in Diamond4 elo. Can only recommend him plus he is very friendly! Give him a try

Elo Duoqueue Games
Jake boosted by Eslam for 1 Games at Platinum 3

Only played one game, but would definitely recommend. Seems well versed in mechanics and game knowledge.

Elo Division Boost
C4 boosted by Eslam from Silver 5 to Silver 2

Awesome job!

Elo Division Boost
bryan boosted by Eslam from Silver 5 to Silver 1

thumbs up!

LoL Placement Matches
bryan boosted by Eslam for 10 Games

Hey! Eslam did a great job with my placements. Def will come back in the future. good stuff

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