Hello my name is Martin I'm 23 Year's old and i play League of Legends since Season 3 i actually cared about League of Legends in Season 6 where i got myself Diamond 1 can nearly 50% of the Champ's to a very high skill level i main mostly Mid/Top/Adc Champs, but i feel much more confident on my Main's like "Kayle,Ahri,LeBlanc,Syndra,Katarina" i will try to finish order's as fast as possible but one must be said before i play for win not for kda.i hope we will have a good time together will be happy if u will resign me as ur booster again :)

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If you want Martin to be your booster, type 4823 when you choose the booster for your order

Martin's Reviews:

He was very professional, fast, friendly and polite. I recommend him 100%. I was surprised how fast he did.