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Hello, my name is Stefan im 21 and i study criminology, i played moba games all my life, 10 years of Dota1 then switched to league at the end of season 3.My keyword is teamwork and just like in the game, trough teamwork from you and i, we can win the game/get you out of elo hell.My peak division is diamond3, could have played more if i wasnt busy with university exams, have won over 6 5v5 tournaments with my team.We all have been stuck in a certain elo/division because of bad teams or bad luck and have been waiting for good luck to get ouf of that hell...dont put your faith in luck, put your faith in us.Feel free to contact me :)

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If you want Stefan to be your booster, type 4795 when you choose the booster for your order

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Champion Mastery

Amazing and fast :)

Elo Division Boost
Peter boosted by Stefan from Silver 1 to Gold 5

Good en fast job, i am impressed !

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