Hello, i have been playing league since season 2. My peak was challenger 400 lp. Currently im in d1/master tier. I am nice towards anyone and I enjoy playing the game. If You have any questions hit me up :)

Main role is ADC. I love Lucian and caitlyn. I also play nicely Thresh, like MadLife. Basically I can boost to master tier with no problems :) What else I can say? That im 20 years old living in Warsaw. I hope that you will enjoy the boost and will buy further ones :) See you on the Summoners Rift.

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If you want Mateusz to be your booster, type 4771 when you choose the booster for your order

Mateusz's Reviews:

Really friendly and really good at league! 8-2 for placements Thanks!

friendly guy:D