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My name is Dilan. I have hit diamond 1 four times total with my accounts I play on ps4 and can boost you to the rank you want easily on a few days or so. I can play with you but i prefer solo as i focus better. I can speak English, Kurdish and Swedish. my highest kd is 1.8 and win lose 2.8. I got 4 accounts and 2 of them is diamond and the other 2 is plat 1. I wont open any alpha packs or buy anything i can play with every operator aswell as any attachments.

From Copper 4 to diamond 1 would take me about 1 week at max depending on how many points you get.
From Copper 4 to Plat 3 would take 1-4 days at max depending on how many points.

Boosts in: Rainbow Six Siege

If you want Dilan to be your booster, type 4713 when you choose the booster for your order

Dilan's Reviews:

Rainbow Six Siege Rank Boosting
Kiley boosted by Dilan from Copper I to Silver IV

Dilan's lit af, friendly, kept me updated on the progress, and told me when he was gonna log in. I didn't mind the delays as he is a busy guy, but still tried to get my order done asap. This was a cool experience

Rainbow Six Siege Net Wins
Memo boosted by Dilan for 12 Wins at Gold

As soon as he started on my order he was done. Keep in mind I don’t think they have a lot of boosters on PS4 as my order took a while to get started on but worth the wait. Very friendly. Very professional will use Dilan again for future

Rainbow Six Siege Rank Boosting
G boosted by Dilan from Platinum III to Diamond

Wow amazing, will order again u soon :)

Rainbow Six Siege Net Wins
Matt boosted by Dilan for 10 Wins at Platinum

After Dilan finally picked my order, He done the Job fast and perfect. 10 netwins result in diamond for me.
Great Job, if you can get him too he is worth the time waiting for him to pick your order.

Rainbow Six Siege Net Wins
Giulio boosted by Dilan for 5 Wins at Diamond

Best booster ever still at diamond he do winsteak!

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