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Hi my name is xRaspu , I played league of legends for 5 years at the moment im Master tier. My main roles are midlane and adc, however I do play jungler too.
My best qualities: I'm fast and until I finish the boost I do not stop.
My mains : Katarina , Le blanc , Azir , Vladimir

Bronze V to Silver V around 2 days
Silver V to Gold V around 3 days
Gold V to Platinum V around 4 days
Platinum V to Diamond V around 3-4 days

I was playing the spain league but now I dedicate all my time to eloboost .
if you want a fast and good eloboost choose me

Boosts in: League of Legends

If you want Gonzalo to be your booster, type 4304 when you choose the booster for your order

Gonzalo's Reviews:

Champion Mastery
Tom boosted by Gonzalo from level 6 to level 7

good and friendly player!

Elo Division Boost
Pixel boosted by Gonzalo from Bronze 3 to Bronze 1

It was rlly fast and good

Elo Division Boost
Robert boosted by Gonzalo from Silver 1 to Gold 5

very fast.... very good .... absolutly amazing

Champion Mastery
Joschka boosted by Gonzalo from level 6 to level 7

realy good guy very effective and likes to communicate with you about whats going on

Elo Division Boost
CK boosted by Gonzalo from Gold 2 to Platinum 5

Insane player. Very friendly. Keeps you informed. Recommend!

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