Hello summoners, my name is Uzi I'm Master Tier I have been playing League of Legends since season 3 and I had reached Challenger in 8 months . I started to play league . If you want free lp and godlike stats I'm your booster.

Coaching sessions will include explaining on the process how to win games in order to climb ladder. I suggest that decision making is always the most important part of the game. It includes advices on how to improve your mechanics, stategy plays, and giving detailed notes for your constant growth and being better in League of Legends.

I m the coach that focuses on you, not just pointing out the mistakes, but explaining all the possible outcomes and opportunities in order to build your mindset, and change for the best possible outcome. If you're an avid league of legends player, but still struggle with climbing the ladder or how many people say it "stuck in elohell", I'm the person that assures you progress within a small time and little work to put in.

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If you want Ion to be your booster, type 4120 when you choose the booster for your order