Hello ! My name is Alin,known as Nescafe.I am 19 years old and im from Romania. I've been boosting for 1 year having a +80% winrate in all elos beside master/chall. My highest peak elo was rank 3 on EUNE.I main midlane and my best champion atm is LeBlanc.I am a very serious booster that will dedicate all his time to finish your account as soon and as clean possible.When im DuoQing a customer i always try to learn him new things and also ,let`s say i give him free coaching while we play togheter.I hope that if i will be your booster you will like my work ^^

Boosts in: League of Legends
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If you want Veres to be your booster, type 3915 when you choose the booster for your order

Veres's Reviews:

Veres is a beast. 100% victories no matter how hard our team tries to throw. Definitely puts all his efforts and starves himself of sleep sometimes to finish lol. Amazing player but also an amazing dude.

Friendly and professional

Great booster, friendly and always willing to give advice. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

Had a fun time playing with him. Even though I didn't really need the help, he even said it himself I could of gotten it by myself 100%, I learned a lot from his playstyle and jungling.

Really fast and Really good