My name is Raul. I have been playing LOL since season 3 and I have 3000 hours played, I am currently diamond 3. I have 2 diamond accounts and I have a lot of free time. I would like to dedicate myself to increase since I take it as a challenge to upload accounts in the minimum poosible time. My favorite line is medium, but I can play in any position. I can also adapt to any champion's pool. I will specify the characters that I like most in each line; TOP (yasuo, fiora & kennen), JUNGLE (lee sin, kayn & Vi), MIDDLE (Yasuo, zed & leblanc), ADC (xayah, kalista & jhin) and Support (lulu, braum & thresh). I hope you choose me!.

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If you want Raul to be your booster, type 3863 when you choose the booster for your order

Raul's Reviews:

He did such an awesome job, and gave me many tips and tricks to perform better. I watched him playing and tried it next day by myself. Believe it or not, in one day i was 2 devisions higher.

taken care of very quickly.
1 part 1 victory raul is efficient and fast I recommend it