Hello, my name is Ali. I have been playing dota for like 5 years and my mmr is 6000+. I have boosted alot of dota 2 accounts and i am also really good at coaching been doing coaching for like 4 months. I can speak fluent english but i dont know any russian :D. Accounts upto 5400 mmr are easy to boost they will take less time but accounts upto 6000 mmr takes a bit more time. I can play around 8 games a day that means 200 mmr per day. I can also play party games with customers if they want the party mmr to increase. I mostly play mid and carry but sometimes i can play roamers and support if my team needs it. You can request me some specific heroes but it may take a bit more time if i am playing requested heroes. And if you want to watch me play i can stream on twitch for you.

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If you want Ali to be your booster, type 3743 when you choose the booster for your order

Ali's Reviews:

Friendly guy, great carry, fast games

Great coach thanks man definitely recommend

Quick and professional !
I chosed the day because i wanted to play on my day off and it was not a problem .
Appreciate !

what a player! highly recommended. very quick and efficient

Quick and responsive.
Would recommend