I have been Playing Heroes of the Storm for over two years now starting in the beta obtaining rank 1 with a 3.3k MMR in the preseaon and 3.5K MMR on my second account. In Season one i was on a few competitive teams that placed high going to the semi finals and finals often in Heroes Hype and Nexverse (now Heroes United). With a Hero League of top 51 and Team League rank of Grandmaster top 84. In Season two i got top 50 Grandmaster in hero league and top 79 in team league. In season three i finished in top 103 in hero league at the very end of the season after taking a two month break from the game i was still able to climb and get Grand Master. In the first Season of 2017 i was top 25 grandmaster.

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Andrew's Reviews:

Fast and efficient, Job done well.

I might have been Andrew's first client. This guy is great!
Gold/Plat is always a random factor but Andrew got the job done and even game a division boost since it was weird matches in placement. Get him!