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Hey guys!
I've been playing League of Legends for 5 years, since the start of season 2. My peak elo is Challenger. I've hit it multiple times with multiple accounts, currently having one in there with 70% winrate. I main ADC/JG, i play all ADCs, usually the meta ones but Lucian is gonna be my favourite till the end of time. For jungle, I play Lee sin, Graves, Kha Zix, these 3 are my best mechanical junglers and I think all 3 of them are easy to carry with.

I will get you to your desired elo, does not matter where it is!

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If you want Dani to be your booster, type 3671 when you choose the booster for your order

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Elo Division Boost
Muteb boosted by Dani from Gold 5 to Gold 4

thank you

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