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I'm from EU and I boost and coach in Rocket League.
I've played Rocket League on a high level and was a top 100 player in 3v3. Played on several teams but didn't enjoy it most of the time. Now coaching instead of playing since I enjoy coaching a lot more. I can coach players from any rank (even teams) and expect a serious attitude when i'm coaching. There is not a lot to tell about me but I will try my best to perform well on here. You will probably see me online a lot here and always open to questions (if you might have one) so don't be shy.

Boosts in: Rocket League

If you want Bies to be your booster, type 3557 when you choose the booster for your order

Bies's Reviews:

Rocket League Coaching
Sven coached by Bies for 1 hour

Nice Guy realy helpful and frendly holp to see u again

Rocket League Coaching
david coached by Bies for 1 hour

WHAT A MAN!!! Best coach on the planet! feel like i could now beat kronovi with ease ;) recommend Bies any day of the week!

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