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Hello, my name is Humzh and I am an ADC main in Diamond(was Masters). I would say that Draven is my main. Alongside the ADC role, I am also efficient in Top and Jungle. I wish to help others and give advice to
help them climb the ladders of ranked play. I am able to help players further understand the game and take the steps needed to move past each elo. I can show them ways to improve their mechanics and knowledge of gameplay. I can give tips on how to develop a main role or champion to carry you through the ranks so if you have any questions feel free to ask me. ~ Humzh

Boosts in: League of Legends

If you want Humzh to be your booster, type 3522 when you choose the booster for your order

Humzh's Reviews:

Elo Duoqueue Games
Ryan boosted by Humzh for 6 Games at Platinum 3

This is my second time working with him and it was awesome. Easy to talk to and flexible. He is an insanely good player and is the only person i will use on this site. He is a great coach and will teach you everything about the game and how to improve. He is more than just a casual booster but a coach that wants to improve you a player. He will help every aspect of your game and you will have fun doing it. I had fun talking to him and asking questions and getting information i needed. He is undoubtedly the best booster on this site. Anyone looking to use him can ask me if they are unsure if he is the right fit. I guarantee he is. Trust me and trust him more importantly and you will see the greatness he can bring. Awesome booster and im so glad to have gotten him. I could not be happier!

Elo Division Boost
mario boosted by Humzh from Gold 5 to Gold 4

he is a really player. you would have a lot of fun playing with him and h is easy to talk to. i would ask for him 10/10 guys .

Elo Division Boost
Ryan boosted by Humzh from Gold 4 to Gold 2

this guy is awesome!! honestly the most friendly and best player i have met. I have never had more fun in games than with him. He will solo carry a game and its amazing to watch. I will only be using him in the future. Great player and the best booster on the sight. If anyone sees this promote the hell out of him or anything. He deserves the best. I would buy him again 10/10 just to play with him. Hes a good player and very nice guy. Anyone would love to have him on their team or to play with. <3

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