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I'm a DPS/tank flex. I play DPS (Pharah, Genji, Tracer) at lower ELO
(<3500), and above that, I play Zarya. I mostly play Zarya on my main
account. I'm 4200 at the moment, and the highest SR I have hit is
4460. I peaked at #56 on the top 500 leaderboard in season 4, and hit
top 500 in seasons 1, 3 and 4. I mostly play at night around 12 PM EST
to around 8 AM EST. I will play until I finish your boost as soon as
possible, without stopping, once I accept your boost (unless it's a
very large, multiple-day situation).

Boosts in: Overwatch

If you want Brandon to be your booster, type 3147 when you choose the booster for your order

Brandon's Reviews:

Overwatch Rank Boosting
Rud boosted by Brandon from 3083 to 3284

Fast as always

Overwatch Rank Boosting
russ boosted by Brandon from 2662 to 3100

Quick and easy, recommend him !

Overwatch Rank Boosting
Sabri boosted by Brandon from 1849 to 2600

My booster was very kind and fast

Overwatch Placement Matches
Steven boosted by Brandon for 10 matches

Brandon did an awesome job!! Fast and effective! Definitely would recommend

Overwatch Rank Boosting
Gg Oo boosted by Brandon from 2638 to 3100

so fast and so professional, the best booster ever.

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