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Hi, my name is Earl, I am an Overwatch booster for the Xbox One platform. I have been playing Overwatch since season 1 and have consistently placed highly since then. This includes two accounts at Top 10 in previous seasons. Currently, I am taking a break from competitive Overwatch so I have more time for boosting. Order waiting time varies as every account gains different SR per win but I will always try and finish the boost as soon as possible. I also have experience in playing Overwatch on PC mostly maining support heroes such as Ana and peaking at low GM.

P.S. I am always available boosting during the evenings (UK time) so if you're in need of a booster make sure to hit me up.

Boosts in: Overwatch

If you want Earl to be your booster, type 3146 when you choose the booster for your order

Earl's Reviews:

Overwatch Placement Matches
stian boosted by Earl for 10 matches

great guy

Overwatch Placement Matches
stian boosted by Earl for 10 matches

great service

Overwatch Rank Boosting
Humberto boosted by Earl from 2238 to 3000

Fast and reliable

Overwatch Placement Matches
Tim boosted by Earl for 10 matches

Second time boosted by this player. Very fast again. Will buy another boost soon for sure.

Overwatch Rank Boosting
Avery boosted by Earl from 2682 to 3000

Have had earl for multiple boosts and he was wonderful! Very fast

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