Hiya guys, my name is Ben I live in the UK. I've played Rocket League since season 1 but I didn't play much at that point, came back in season 2 and since then I have over 2000 hours in the game now. I play around Champ 2-3 Level. Except in 1s. I suck at 1s (like Diamond 3). My preference is to solo queue 2s but I can play with a customer too if necessary. I have an aggressive and really fast-paced playstyle focused on boost starving and using speed to outplay my opponents. My strength is playing defensive and waiting for my opponents to make a mistake and counterattack.


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If you want Ben to be your booster, type 3120 when you choose the booster for your order

Ben's Reviews:

Great coach, top quality

Great coach, top quality

Great boosting, reliable

Always recommend this guy, flexible and determined, if you need a RL boost, he is your only man!

Highly skilled player!