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Hello im from the UK and i play rocket league and some other games i started at the end of season 3 highest rank was champ but ended up at super star then started to improve alot playing the game quite a bit and in season 4 my highest rank then was only champ 1 div 4 but sadly i ended that season at diamond 2 and then the start of season 5 i did alot of the tranings and it helped me improve loads and ive improved sooo much that i played very well and ended up at champ 3 and i thought if i trained a bit more i can get grand champ so i slowley played more i hit grand champ and my highest position was 8 and im in top 100 in 1s aswell on a diffrent account and i enjoy doing this job because i want to help other people out and make them happy and get them the rank they want

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If you want leo to be your booster, type 2837 when you choose the booster for your order

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Rocket League Rank Boosting
Jared boosted by leo from Champion III to Grand Champion on XBox 1

Very fast and efficient

Rocket League Seasonal Reward Boosting
Breygan boosted by leo for 12 Grand Champion wins on XBox 1

Very good!

Rocket League Rank Boosting
Sebastian boosted by leo from Platinum III to Diamond I on XBox 1

Very experienced booster great communication thanks for your help!

Rocket League Rank Boosting
Austin boosted by leo from Champion II to Champion III on XBox 1

Finished the boost very quickly and efficiently

Rocket League Seasonal Reward Boosting
Cameron boosted by leo for 12 Grand Champion wins on XBox 1

Only took 1 day. FAST

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