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Quick introduction of myself:
My name is Patrik. I love playing games and have a great passion for Fortnite and Heroes of the Storm. I speak Swedish and English fluently and can speak/understand Finnish slightly. Apart for gaming I'm into most IT-things and have a minor different type of educations within IT, with a plan of getting a master's degree in either IT-security or programming.

Me in HotS:
I'm a Grand Master ranked player in HotS and I can offer you my help with all of our HotS services here on Proboosting.net.

I'm a pretty flexible player, playing most roles, tanks being my least played currently. I love Abathur and currently see him as my 'main' with over 75% win ratio(25-5 last season in HL and 27-8 so far this season) 2 seasons in a row on Master and Grand Master level.

Me in Fortnite: 1.5k games played on main account with a 30% win ratio in Duos(I also play with customers on this account). I have a smurf account with 20 games in Duos and 80% win ratio.

Boosts in: Heroes Of The Storm, Fortnite

If you want Patrik to be your booster, type 2671 when you choose the booster for your order

Patrik's Reviews:

Fortnite Win Boosting
Apa boosted by Patrik for 1 Wins

Perfect guy for Duo selfplay boost, highly recommended!

Fortnite Win Boosting
Yucai boosted by Patrik for 1 Wins


Fortnite Win Boosting
SouthTexas boosted by Patrik for 1 Wins

Accomplished the victory on the first try! Informative & nice! Highly recommend!

Fortnite Battle pass challenges

Very friendly booster. Completed the boost very fast. Can only recommend him. :)

Fortnite Win Boosting
Hyouka boosted by Patrik for 2 Wins

Just great as always.

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