My name is Jesus im 26 years old, i live in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) and I speak Spanish and English.
I'm master player in EUW who has been playing this game for 4 years now with high success.
I play like 8-10 hours a day, each week at different hours (because I have a rotating schedule at work)
One week I mostly play all morning 6:00 to 14:00 (I can play all night if some duo queue is needed from 23:00 to 6:00)
And other week I play from 16:00 to 1:00 more or less.

Also I am able to coach you:

First of all I will set the best runes/masteries for your favourite champions, also how to play in lane, when to push/freeze/trade/rotate and the pros and cons of the champ.
After that I will watch and analyse some game that you played in the past and I will check your game play and tell you what you did wrong and what you need to improve.

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If you want Jesus to be your booster, type 2494 when you choose the booster for your order

Jesus's Reviews:

Good Player :)

Amazing guy

Perfect! He deserves all of my respect! :) Thank you so much, Jesus. <3

This Guy is fast as hell. Nice Communication! Thank you.