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My name is Eduard, I have been playing Hearthstone since naxxramas. I got Legend more then 100 times , finished Top25 and Top200 twice, also won few tournaments. I have reached Top30 almost every month . I'm focusing on standard boosts, boosts with screenshare and coaching. Usually to get Legend from rank five takes about one day for me . During the screenshare boosts I try to guide customers through the decisions meanwhile explaining what is the best in each situation and why rather then just telling customer what to play every turn. I speak English and Russian.

Here is time frames:
Rank 5 - Legend - 1 day
Rank 10 - Legend - 1-2 days
Rank 15 - Legend - 2 days

Boosts in: Hearthstone

If you want Eduard to be your booster, type 22 when you choose the booster for your order

Eduard's Reviews:

Hearthstone Rank Boosting
Carlos boosted by Eduard from 5 to Legend

He was very helpful and got the job done quick. I would recommend 10/10

Hearthstone Rank Boosting
Kevin boosted by Eduard from 5 to Legend

Nice guy! watched a few of his games and learned a bit about the game.

Hearthstone Rank Boosting
Ippocrate boosted by Eduard from 4 to Legend

From 4 to legend in 1 day, excellent.

Hearthstone Rank Boosting
rick boosted by Eduard from 5 to Legend

got boosted by Eduard he did a really good job thanks alot he explain his plays tho if you ask him you can learn alot from this guy!

Hearthstone Rank Boosting
Daniel boosted by Eduard from 10 to 5

Thx nice boost and fast

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