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Hey there! I am Aleksandar and I am college student while boosting Hearthstone on the side professionally. I am very passionate about Hearthstone as a game and been hitting Legend every season since September 2014. I enjoy playing faster and combo oriented decks and I am very proficient at them but i can also play slower archetypes when needed. I consider myself very insightful and try to explain every play i make and my take on it so you as a customer can get best experience available. As a player I am always focusing on being on top of the meta and I'm usually playing best decks available for that time to minimise amount of games needed to hit high ranks. Languages i speak are English /Serbian at the moment.

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If you want Aleksandar to be your booster, type 21 when you choose the booster for your order

Aleksandar's Reviews:

Hearthstone Rank Boosting
Lvnskaya boosted by Aleksandar from 25 to 20

I forgot to write a review I think, what I can remember is the booster is VERY friendly and helpfull. The communication was excellent. I myself play other games so i'm not rlly active on hearthstone he boosted me in a matter of minutes. Thank you my Serbian brother if you are reading this. I definately recommend this booster!

Hearthstone Rank Boosting
alberto boosted by Aleksandar from 13 to 10

thx a lot

Hearthstone Rank Boosting
Mehmet boosted by Aleksandar from 20 to 10

Incroyable merci très bon bosster

Hearthstone Rank Boosting
Onisiforos boosted by Aleksandar from 7 to 5

Excellent booster, excellent boost have lot of fun with him and very good communication. hope to deal again with him.
Thank you

Hearthstone Rank Boosting
Mathias boosted by Aleksandar from 19 to 1

SUPER good booster really nice and enjoyable person... totally recommended

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