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My name is Steffen, I am a top 50 European player and booster, I started playing since the game came out of beta. I am Grand Champion in all brackets, but I don't like playing 1v1 anymore.
I'm playing on PC, I am focusing on doing Standard, Solo Standard and Duo boosting. I am grand champ in all seasons, got ESL monthly elite and so on. I can hit Grand Champ easily for you.
I can speak English and Danish.

I can boost you to any rank that you prefer, and I will do it with a speed you have never seen.

Boosts in: Rocket League, PUBG

If you want Steffen to be your booster, type 1968 when you choose the booster for your order

Steffen's Reviews:

Rocket League Rank Boosting
Leward boosted by Steffen from Champion II to Grand Champion on PC

Steffen just finished my order from superchamp to gc, was very helpfull about the whole thing and finished it within a short periode of days.

10/10 would get boosted by Steffen agian

Rocket League Coaching
Fotis coached by Steffen for 1 hour

Steffen (the best in my opinion) coached me! Its unbelievable what he did in so little time for me! He can make you play like a 10 times better player! And all that in one hour ! Thank you so much Steffen

Rocket League Rank Boosting
Manuel boosted by Steffen from Platinum III to Champion III on PC

The Boost took a bit to begin because of the new ranking System (Boost from Platinum 3 - Champ 3). After the boost started it took another 4 Days. This was really quick and well done!

At the end it was worth to wait and after it started its was really quick. The booster was very friendly and told me everytime he wants tp play. He also did me the favor to screenshot all promotions from Champ 1 to 3 and send them to me.

Great Booster - Fast Boosting 10/10. Would buy again.

Manuel ;)

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