Hi, my name is Rafa. I an European high Elo LoL player, more less among the best 3000 in Euw Server. I have been playing since 4 years and I improved a lot in season 5. I'm focused on any boost of EUW or EUNE , preferably solo boost or low elo duoq. I'm maining top/mid actually on my main account, but I can auto fill if it's necessary. Here are more less time frames that the boost can take:

Silver V ---> Gold V 2/3 days
Gold V --->Platinum V 3/4 days
Platinum V --->Diamond V 4/5 days
Duo queue always take a bit more time but don't worry it will be finished as fast as possible :D

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If you want Rafa to be your booster, type 1631 when you choose the booster for your order

Rafa's Reviews:

Very nice treatment and fast service. Highly recommended!

ty alot he is a nice gay And a collaborator

He was very nice guy and very patient <3

Very good booster and nice person, recommended!

great guy easy to play with mine play time, and order fast done