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Hello summoners, my name is Serban, I'm 18 years old, I'm currently Master Tier and my peak was rank 48 Challenger. I can provide you boost on EUNE, EUW, NA, TR, and RU.
I started playing League of Legends in season 4 and got Challenger soon after. My main roles are jungle and top but I carry on all roles. Favourite champions are: Rengar, Zed, Lee Sin, Evelynn, Fiora and Poppy.
If you want a friendly guy, awesome carry K/D/A on your account and free LP then I am your booster, take a look at the last activity if you please :)

Boosts in: League of Legends

If you want Serban to be your booster, type 1629 when you choose the booster for your order

Serban's Reviews:

Elo Division Boost
nc boosted by Serban from Platinum 1 to Diamond 5

Very Friendly and Really good

LoL Placement Matches
Tony boosted by Serban for 8 Games

i ordered 8 placement games.we won all of 8 games.also the booster was very friendly and also helped me with tips for my gameplay.
serban the best!!!

Elo Division Boost
Anonymous boosted by Serban from Platinum 1 to Diamond 5

Really nice guy very fast and efficient

Elo Division Boost
Tt boosted by Serban from Gold 2 to Platinum 5

Really really friendly and great booster

Elo Division Boost
herve boosted by Serban from Gold 2 to Gold 1

merci très gentille et rapide bravo je recommande fortement

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