Hello, my name is Vladimir. I've been playing DotA for 9 years now and understand all the subtleties of the game, the rating of my main account is 7200+. I speak Russian and English. I play about 10 hours a day. I can raise any rating up to 7000. I have a big pool of heroes, I play according to the mood.
Approximately runtime:
0 - 3000 = 150-300 mmr per day.
3000 - 4000 = 150-250 mmr per day.
4000 - 5000 = 150-200 mmr per day.
5000 - 6000 = 100-200 mmr per day.
6000+ = about 50-200 mmr per day

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If you want Vladimir to be your booster, type 1540 when you choose the booster for your order

Vladimir's Reviews:

Vladimir is a very skillfull player. Highrly reccomend this.

Vlad is an exeptionally good player, he boost me 600 points in amazingly short time. I'll choose him for sure if i need some extra boosting in future ;)

wow took a little bit but god damn the booster was so pro!!!!!

Booster was very friendly and patient. Highly recommended website for MMR boosting!!!

I am so satisfied! Man, the booster was really amazing, excellent gamer and good guy. Watching his replays I learn more of DOTA 2 than I have learned playing the game for 1 year! Thanks again!