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Hello, my name is Jevgenijus and I am from Lithuania. I really enjoy playing CSGO and thrive from competing. My current rank is Global Elite with over 2500 hours played on my main account and 600 hours on my smurf. I like to think of myself as likeable and fun to play with, so there should be absolutely no problems whatsoever if someone orders the "Play with booster" option. My boosting is often described as fast and incredibly efficient. Obviously I play without any sorts of cheats or vertigo bots and my performance is a result of my own skill, developed through hard work and determination.

Boosts in: Counter Strike: Global Offensive

If you want Jevgenijus to be your booster, type 1489 when you choose the booster for your order

Jevgenijus's Reviews:

CS GO Rank Boosting
Nikolaj boosted by Jevgenijus from Master Guardian I to Master Guardian II

Very friendly and very fast

CS GO Rank Boosting
The Man boosted by Jevgenijus from Gold Nova II to Master Guardian I

Great Boost Fast and Professional.

CS GO Rank Boosting
Happy Customer boosted by Jevgenijus from Silver Elite Master to Gold Nova II

Excellent service. Will order again.

CS GO Promotional Matches
Happy boosted by Jevgenijus for 1 Games

fast and friendly booster

CS GO Rank Boosting
Thanasi boosted by Jevgenijus from Silver Elite Master to Gold Nova I


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