My name is Jack, I'm from EU and I've been top 100 in 1s for season 2, 3 and 4 of ranked. I started playing SARPBC back in 2009 and the closed Rocket League beta on PS4 in 2015. I would really prefer to boost in 1s over 2s as I can do it much faster (no teammates to worry about). From unranked to grand champion it would take me about 6 hours (depending on queue times) in 1vs1.
Any lower ranks (diamond, platinum, etc) I can do extremely quickly in 1vs1 and most of the time without dropping a game (if the servers are good)

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If you want Jack to be your booster, type 1282 when you choose the booster for your order

Jack's Reviews:

Jack was very fast taking me from gold 3 to grand champ in 1v1 and was willing to work around my schedule. Thanks Jack!

Jack is a beast. Highly recommend as a booster.

Very friendly booster and willing to work with my schedule.

Great work

Jack got me from Unranked to Champion in hours. He's amazing!! Highly recommended!! There is no way I could get there on my own, this service is a huge help to those of us who need a little help. Thank you Jack!!