Hi, My name Jaroslaw, I have been playing Dota 2 since 2012 . I've over 5000 games in total and reached over 6000 MMR.
Through out my career I took part in various tournaments such as, JoinDOTA League, GSL season 3 final, Russian Cup 2016 and other leagues. Most of the time I play support. I am focusing on Solo and party boosts. I usually get 80+% win rate on every order I do. Favourite heroes while boosting: Invoker, Outworld Devourer, Templar Assassin, Shadow Fiend, Slark and some others. My usual playing hours are 13:00 to 23:00 GMT and spend at least 6 hours playing Dota a day, or more if necessary. I speak English and Russian.

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If you want Yaroslav to be your booster, type 1001 when you choose the booster for your order

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fast and efficient

Yaroslav was very nice and such a good player.

All good, awesome play and all :)

amazing job

Thank u for up my skill's lvl, learn english with u ;)